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It’s a rare thing to get offered candies when at a dentist’s office. Yes, we know that candies don’t actually create cavities, but nevertheless, when Passport walked into GIKEDA, everyone took out their smartphones to make sure that they were in the right place. Surely this couldn’t be a dentist’s office? Giedrė Kščenavičiūtė told us that this is quite common, and is a purposeful part of her design. A dentist’s office that doesn’t feel like a dentist’s office is just the place for those who get a little nervous while getting their teeth checked. This level of comfort is just one of the many unique touches found at Gikeda, one of the few clinics today that is still run like a family business:

Would you consider yours to be a family business?

Definitely. We’re a family business whose goal is to provide patients and their families with a good experience through quality prevention, treatment and follow up. For example, something we see quite often is children and adults who are afraid of dentists, so we’ve designed our clinic to feel like home: no white, sterile environment, just a cosy place for both patients and employees alike.

Did your family influence your decision to become a dentist?

As a kid, I practically grew up in a dentist’s office, and maybe because of this, I just couldn’t imagine doing anything else. I’ll admit that at one point I was seriously considering leaving Lithuania, but my family persuaded me to try building something here together, at home. Now I run my own clinic in Vilnius and I’m glad I decided to stay!

How do you keep your clients coming back?

I really care about my patients and their treatment, and I feel responsible for everyone who chooses our clinic, so I expect only the best from myself and my staff. We check on our patients and do follow-ups, which is why people trust us.

What defines your character?

My constant search for perfection. I’m very strict with my staff and myself when it comes to how I expect work to be done. There are no compromises when it comes to quality; we put our hearts and minds into the job. Seeing the results is what satisfies me. Whether it’s a simple procedure or something quite difficult, I put a lot of heart and energy into it. And when a patient notices and appreciates it? That’s what motivates me to try harder.

What is one thing people underestimate about your field of business?

Money! Many people think dentists are rich and do nothing, but the job involves much more than just drilling teeth and putting in fillings. If you want to earn money in this business, you have to work long hours and make every effort to ensure a good experience.

What’s your advice to those starting their own businesses?

Pinpoint what you’re passionate about, what you really like to do. Make a plan and define your vision. Then, put in a lot of hard work and be patient. That’s how you succeed.

I’m very strict with my staff and myself when it comes to how I expect work to be done.

Giedrė Kščenavičiūtė

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